Session One (A Quick Recap)

By Aylan

Our first Session opened with a town wide (so like four people) archery contest. Played for the prize of one of Martha’s famous pies (Yum!) The results were quick; Roan murdered a nearby bale of hay, Npcwhosnameiforgot landed in an outer ring, Corrin landed his arrow in the inner most ring and Octavia landed hers directly on the bulls eye. As the group moved towards the inn for revelry (and pie!) Martha charged out of her cellar crying and screaming about weasels or some such. The intrepid adventures (minus NPC of the unknown name) trekked down into the darkness to kill the horrendous beasts. After much rodent slaying it seemed a good time to call it a days work and get some pie. But the pie was not to be.

Corrin decided that while he was in the cellar he might as well do some exploring. (After all when someone lets you into their cellars without supervision and the general threat is eliminated, why not dig through their things?) Unfortunately for Corrin (and consequently everyone else) the threat had not been entirely eliminated. Behind a locked (and then swiftly unlocked) door stood a Hob goblin who viciously lashed out at the shorter creature. While a surprise the Hob was quickly dealt with and drug out of the cellar for the town to muse upon.

After a short round of musing the town council decided that the unexpected appearance of this Hob was definitely cause for concern about the town. Our adventures, having dealt so well with the first Hob, were asked to investigate in order to protect the town.

Tracks were followed, Hob and regular goblins were traced, and soon enough the lair was found. After much bumbling, alarm tripping, forest fire causing, spelunking, and general not being very sneaky our adventures eliminated the Hob Goblin threat to their tiny town of Summerash.

But this was not the end of their adventure. They had discovered a bag of suspiciously shiny gold, and a note, that seemed to uncover a much deeper plot then just that against their tiny hamlet. It seemed that the King himself was in danger! A threat to the King was a threat to the Kingdom itself and (reluctantly, with some cajoling, and a gifted horn of healing) the three adventures left their tiny farm town towards the kingdom, to warn the king.

End of Session One.



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