Session Two (A Quickish Recap)

By Aylan

Session Two opened with our adventures travelling towards the kingdom. With the hamlet of Shadebarrow in sight and their rations beginning to dwindle the group decided they should stop in this small town to rest and restock. Roan went to the marketplace to procure rations while Corrin and Octavia went to the inn for a room.

While at the Inn the two were warned about a recent Ghoul attack to the village. Many of the residents were packing up and leaving as the source of this attack were unknown and worrisome. As the Innkeep continued her trail of gossip the two learned that the mayors daughter had been bitten but one of these ghouls and was no something down with a very deadly infection. The healer had proclaimed that she needed the tooth of the ghoul that had bit the girl to cure her, or there was not to be done.

As it turned out Roan had heard much of the same story from the trader and we he met back together with his companions they contemplated this news. Buying less than a months rations had severely cut into the meager savings they had, and the kingdom was still months out. Together they decided that perhaps ridding the town of this ghoul problem and saving the mayors girl would be a good way to buff up their savings and increase their chances of reaching the kingdom without starving.

With the decision made, they stored their rations in their inn room, locked up, and when on to the mayors house.

The mayor accepted the adventures help and promised a sizable reward for his daughters cure. After speaking with the healer, the travelors learned that the ghoul that had bit the girl was the largest and smelliest of the lot. That was the one they would need to harvest the tooth from.

Going on what knowledge the group had of ghouls, they tracked them to an area they knew the fiends had passed through, gathered some old animal corpses, and set a trap. It took several hours but eventually three ghouls resounded to the bait. None of these were the ghoul they were looking for but their tracks would provide a clear way to find the others. They dealt with the ghouls and after a short nights rest to bring them up to full strength followed the tracks.

These led them to a small cottage in the middle of nowhere. The adventures took the looked door of the cottage with a crowbar and searched the house. They found a trap door underneath one of the rugs which Octavia swiftly picked the lock on.

Down inside the cellar were two more ghouls, the larger, meaner, smellier one was there. As the group was attacking the pair of ghouls Roan was abruptly shot in the back by multiple magic missiles. It would seem there was another foe down in the cellar.

The fight was long and arduous. At least once each adventurer found themselves on the floor, struggling for life. They found themselves immensely grateful for the horn of healing that the council had given them before they set out. Truly it was some quick thinking that really saved the group, Octavia’s silence spell crippled the Wizard at just the right moment. And Corrin’s flask of water helped them find the tricky bastard when he turned invisible in an attempt to escape. Having barely won, and near death the group tied up the wizard and decided to let the hobbit break his fingers with a hammer. While someone hard to stomach and inherently cruel the group did not wish to risk anyone’s life further.

The group was already back to the village before they realized that they had forgotten the fang from the ghoul. (near death will do that to a person) The hobbit took his pony back to the cabin to remedy that quickly enough. While the group waited for Corrin to return with the fang Roan tended and splinted the wizards fingers. Perhaps it wouldn’t make up for what they had done, and perhaps the idea was foolish but it was done all the same.

Once the fang was retrieved and both it and the wizard given to the mayor the group was given their promised reward. The group used a good portion of their reward to purchase a draft horse in the village and a used carriage. Hopefully this would help them on their trek towards the kingdom.

End of Session Two



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