Copper Fluke

Properly named the Bronze Willow, after it’s tree embossing, this coin gains it’s far more popular nickname from it’s oval shape, matching the fish.

Silver Palm

A square coin depicting an open hand in trade. This would turn out to be a prescient motif; these coins often show extensive ware due to the frequency with which they trade hands in merchant circles.

Electrum Mallet

A thin, round coin embossed with a hammer striking an anvil, these coins are not commonly minted. Recognized and accepted by merchants and businessmen, it is not uncommon for a more rural tradesman to be completely unfamiliar with it, perhaps even rejecting its use.

Gold Filigree

Round and evenly milled, these coins are used in transactions involving skillfully crafted tools or bulk trade goods. A combination of general disdain for those who can carry such a high-value coin and the particularly cheeky look of the face embossed upon it have prompted the commoners to refer to them as ‘Smugmans’.