500 years ago, the region around the future home of Summerash was the sight of a prolonged battle with an enormous red dragon. The magic used by both the dragon and the army attempting to kill it resulted in the eruption of the nearby volcano Mount Strom. While the records are unclear as to whether the dragon was slain, it is known that the army and the surroundings were devastated. Buried in ash and char, the area was known as a wasteland for the better part of a century.

Nature reclaimed the land and, in the course of time, so did man. Summerash has stood as a farming community for the past 60 years. Most of it’s inhabitants are second or third generation farmers, reaping the bounty of fertile soil precipitated by the calamity centuries ago.


Mostly made up of humans, the residents of Summerash have accepted their non-human residents as part of the community by virtue of years and shared labor. Strangers can be met with suspicion, particularly if visibly foreign, but outright hostility is reserved for clear threats.


Mostly made up of farms, Summerash has a central hub where lie the vast majority of its amenities. These include a small inn with only two rooms, a blacksmith, the stables and, of course, a tavern.



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